In an October 20 speech to the World Zionist Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the “Mufti of Jerusalem,” Haj Amin al-Husseini, gave Adolf Hitler the idea to exterminate Jews during WWII. Netanyahu has come under fierce criticism from politicians and historians for the statement. – Washington Post

National leaders and even us common folk are often labeled doves and hawks.  The doves we are told, avoid war and sometimes give to much away in the cause of peace.  The hawks believe that utilizing force is a necessary evil.

Sadly, Prime Minister Netanyahu’s effort to rewrite history in the cause of demonizing the Palestinian people exposes a dangerous compulsion found among hawks like him:  They forget that destroying your enemy is not the objective but a regrettable option employed in self defense.  When all’s said and done, playing with the truth nullifies the legitimacy of your cause.  

That’s why there are too many guns, that’s why there are so many wars. 

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