I refuse to back off my belief that the pathological NEED of some people to own guns is indicative of a fearful, paranoid mind that needs help.  That’s not to say that all gun owners have mental health issues, but enough do to keep our gun culture thriving and mass killings happening.  The very thought of the government wanting to monitor who buys and owns guns in this country is for many, no different than the fear of forced castration.  That’s not indicative of healthy mind folks.

I recently posted a comment on Facebook questioning the behavior of the gun loonies who came out to protest President Obama’s visit to Roseburg, Oregon.  The good news, more than 2,800 people “liked” or agreed with my comment.  But if you want to get a sense of just how troubled, frightened and delusional some gun owners are, read some of the 1000+ comments posted in response.