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As a progressive Zionist I’ll be the last to suggest that Israel has no responsibility for the fact that 23 years after the Oslo Accords, there is still no State of Palestine. But I also believe that had the founding voice of Palestinian nationalism been a charismatic moral giant like Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi instead of a bloody terrorist the likes of Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian people would have had their state long ago.

News that a Jewish couple were murdered in front of their own children in the last 24 hours on the West Bank and the incredibly painful-to-watch video below remind us that the worst enemy of the Palestinian people are not any particular Jews or Israelis but Palestinian enmity for the Jewish people.

Hate is an attempt through words, deeds and emotions to dehumanize one’s enemies. Ironically, hater’s don’t realize or care how dehumanizing is to them.  Palestinian contempt for Jews and the Zionist entity has done more damage to their cause than Islamophobia or intolerant Israeli right-wing nationalists ever could.

Venomously yelling Allah Akbar, God is Great at people you loathe and encouraging your children to do the same doesn’t mean that your cause is just or that Allah is on your side.  On the contrary, it suggests you’ve surrendered both your faith in the God of all people and the humanity that Islam, Judaism and Christianity demand from their followers. Heros committed to a noble cause don’t murder noncombatant civilians.  Murdering parents in front of their children has to be ultimate act of depravity utilized by people who worship evil, not Allah.  

ALLAH AKBAR is what people whose faith is so strong that their civility can never be compromised have the right to proclaim with pride.