I encourage all my friends to watch this painful discussion to bear witness to the hateful behavior of a really abhorrent little shapiroman. Unfortunately for proud members of the Jewish faith, this obnoxious promoter of enmity hides behind a kippah.

What Ben Shapiro did to reporter Zoe Tur in this discussion has nothing to do with liberal vs. conservative reasoning; it has nothing to do with Republican vs. Democratic.  I’d like to say that this is what hate and ignorance looks like, but Ben Shapiro is no dummy. Intentionally calling a transgender person by the wrong pronoun is indicative of a truly ugly, mean-spirited, shameless human being who doesn’t have a clue what the ultimate teachings of God and Torah are all about.


Statements on Severity of Embarrassment

Throughout the Talmud, which is a compendium of Jewish laws and teachings, we can find numerous pronouncements that emphasize how inexcusable it is to Judaism to intentionally embarrass someone.

Statements in Talmud

  1. He who publicly shames his neighbour is as though he shed blood [7]
  2. Verbal wrong is more heinous than monetary wrong [8]
  3. Better it is for man to cohabit with a doubtful married woman rather than that he should publicly shame his neighbour. [9]
  4. Better to throw oneself into a furnace rather than embarrass another [10]
  5. There was a poor person in the time of the Talmud and Mar Ukva would daily leave coins behind the poor man’s door. One day the poor man wanted to find out who had been leaving coins for him. So he waited until Mar Ukva and his wife stopped by and dropped off the coins. The pauper tried to follow them, when Mar Ukva noticed he was being followed he ran with his wife and hid in a hot furnace as to not embarrass the man. [11]

Statements from later Rabbinic sources

  1. Rabbeinu Yonah in his famous work explains that the pain of shame is even worse than death itself [12].