Last week two completely unrelated things happened that I quickly realized were bashart, meant to be.  sent me the results of a DNA test I had taken some weeks ago.  If accurate, these results are supposed to indicate the racial, ethnic and geographic history of a person’s ancestors. 

Also last week, we learned that the Spokane Director of the NAACP, Rachel Dolezal has apparently been misrepresenting herself as a person of African descent for some years now.


Looking at the report on my DNA, I for one did not want to ever be accused about lying about my family lineage. Considering all that was happening to Dolezal I knew that I had no choice but to come clean about who I really am.  All my life I’ve told people that according my parents, grandparents and cousins, I was a person of European Jewish descent. 

Friends, now take a deep breath. It turns out that’s only 96% true!  I’m sorry,  believe me when I say I never meant to mislead anyone.  I  promise I won’t live the lie any longer.

DNA test results for Mitch Gilbert
DNA test results for Mitch Gilbert

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