What has changed in America in 45 years? The governor of Texas is promising emotionally immature little boys that he will use the state national guard to protect them from the big bad Federal government coming in and taking their guns away. The field of Republican candidates for President grows larger and stranger everyday with people who are either out to protect the rich or preserve White Christian cultural dominance, circa 1950’s America. Black men are manhandled, arrested and shot for walking down the middle of the street or looking at a policeman the wrong way. America’s first African-American President is trying to do some good for Americans in spite of the efforts of Republicans and other assorted neanderthal reactionary bigots who have spent much of the past 6 years trying to block him at every turn and denigrate his character at every opportunity. The battle for to create a just and egalitarian society continues.  MG 5/4/2015

Tent of Abraham

(This commentary is edited and republished annually)

45 years ago this week,  the state in which I reside, murdered 4 students at Kent State University and wounded nine others who were guilty of nothing more than practicing their inalienable right to free speech. 

We hear all the time about political protesters being cut down in foreign countries by their government.  We dare not forget that has happened in own country as well.

Democracy in the United States has withstood the efforts of the social and political right to limit the freedoms of America’s citizens from its earliest days. Is it an exaggeration to compare some reactionary American conservative efforts to stifle human liberty to the more overtly tyrannical leaders of other countries?  No.  The same fear, hate and cynicism that inspires a dictator to slaughter his own people when they object to the limitations placed on their civil liberties is…

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