I was stunned in a most positive way in 1990 when the Supreme Court of the United States over turned a Texas state law banning the burning of the American flag.  The 7-3 majority on the Court said the burning the flag was act of free speech.

So here’s my question:  If a person wears a t-shirt that is insulting the police, does that give the police the right to pepper-spray that man and haul him off to jail?

Too many Americans unfortunately have no clue, or don’t want to acknowledge that the battle underway between many in the African-American community and law enforcement has more to do with the misdeeds of the people who are supposed to be enforcing the law and protecting the community than the actions of people of color who too often profiled by the police as “the enemy.” 

The Baltimore policeman caught of on this video pepper spraying a Black man wearing a “F*ck the police” t-shirt is the problem, not the other way around.