Australia blog about climate change science media coverage : Anti-carbon tax protesters in Canberra     greenpeacecarlson

As I watched these 2 videos I realized that the true believers, the real people of faith are those who understand that the Earth doesn’t cdn-media-nationaljournal-combelong to humanity alone but to the Ribbono Shel Olom, the Master of the Universe.  Who are the real heretics? Those who refuse to partner with God in protecting the environment.  And please don’t spray perfume on a skunk by responding that you believe in God but you reject the idea that humanity in negatively impacting the climate.  You’re only fooling yourself with that bit of disingenuous self-serving subterfuge.

Those who allow money, greed and self-interest to shape their values, prejudices and decision partneringmaking, forfeit their right to think of themselves as a good Christian, a good Jew, a good Muslim, etc.  True faith is about caring about something or someone more other than yourself.


Is this video “typical” of what has been happening to glaciers throughout history?  No.  This is the product of human-made global warming.