Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Hong Kong today but NBC Nightly News assumed their viewers would prefer to get the latest BS from the world of movie stars.

amal-alamuddin-and-george-clooneyThe following email was sent to NBC Nightly News this evening.

subject: SHAME ON YOU!

For much of my life I believed until tonight that NBC Nightly News was the most reliable, responsible, evening network news program this nation has.  But tonight I noted that you thought that real news about real people and politics wasn’t as important as talking about and talking to, movie stars.  WTF! Hundreds of thousands of people are marching for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong but you ASS-U-ME that I would prefer to hear about People Magazine getting the rights to the pictures of George Clooney’s wedding and hearing Ben Affleck share his pearls of wisdom?
I’d be a fool to continue to believe that NBC News remains the most reliable, responsible network new broadcast!
Mitchell S. Gilbert