1. Do you remember how many Americans famous and not, protested the opening of an Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan?

  2. Have you ever turned on Fox Noise and heard their talking heads who are supposed to be conservative patriots talk about how all Muslims are intent on destroying our nation and imposing Sharia law on everyone?

  3. Are you aware of the congressional committees run by Republicans that have often hold hearings to question the status and rights of non-white Christian and Muslims living in the United States?

  4. Have you ever heard a birther suggest that because of the color of his skin and the linguistic origins of his name, the current President of the United States can not be trusted?

  5. How would you and your neighbors react to Muslim Americans buying a house on your block?  How would you react to learning that you kid’s roommate at college comes from a Muslim country?  

  6. If like me you are a proud Zionist, do you believe that all Muslims, all Arabs, all Palestinians are Jew haters who can’t be trusted?

Thank you Khalid Latif for so eloquently reminding us what a real patriot, a real person of faith, a real mensch is all about.