Are you familiar with how the auto industry tried to put the brakes on the creation of public transportation in the early part of the 20th Century in the hope that their efforts would result in more car sales?

As Gomer Pyle would say, SURPRISE-SURPRISE-SURPRISE!  American oligarchs and their servants in the Republican Party are at it again.  They want to make sure that Americans don’t get too serious about electric cars  that might help the environment and deplete the profits of the Koch brothers and their golf buddies in the energy industry.

Don’t you just love how Republicans sanctify the free-enterprise system in one breath and try to kill it when ordered to do so by their biggest campaign donors? 

(reprinted from Daily Kos)

Gov. Chris Christie has passed a regulation that blocks automakers from directly selling to consumers in New Jersey, requiring them to go through third-party car dealers instead.

As a direct result, Tesla—the electric car company that reduces our dependence on fossil fuels—must now close its two dealerships in the state.

New Jersey is the third state to kick out Tesla that way, the other two being Arizona and Texas. It is an intentional move on the part of Republican politicians to kill the electric car.

SIGN THE PETITION denouncing Gov. Christie for killing the electric car in New Jersey: http://wefb.it/124E66