Valedictorian Mais Ali-Saleh receiving her degree.

Last week the American Studies Association (ASA) voted to support the Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the State of Israel. 

Among the many ironic, unanswered questions non-Muslim, non-Palestinian supporters of the BDS movement won’t or decline to answer:  

  • Why single Israel out and not the many other countries in the world guilty of similar if not much worse civil rights violations?   E.G. Where’s the BDS campaign against China for denying their people religious freedom?  Where’s the BDS campaign against Russia or Uganda for the their anti-LGBT laws?

  • Why single Israel out for such a campaign when it remains the only democracy in the Middle East and the only country in that part of the world that grants total academic freedom to both Israeli and Palestinian sponsored universities? 

Technion University, often described as the “MIT of Israel,” just announced that their valedictorian for the current academic year will be Mais Ali-Saleh, an Arab woman who grew up in a small Arab village outside of Nazareth, in Israel’s Galilee.  

In light of Ms. Ali-Saleh selection, here are two more questions for the ASA and other academic associations promoting the BDS movement:

  • Could a Jewish person be admitted to, let alone become the valedictorian of Arab or Muslim sponsored university?  

  • Why do supposedly enlightened progressive thinking people feel the necessity to side with people of color or people from the 3rd world who may be engaged in conflict with people profiled as being economically advantaged oppressors from the first world, REGARDLESS OF THE CULTURAL PREJUDICES AND HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS OF THE PEOPLE THEY ABSOLUTELY MUST BACK IN THE CONFLICT?