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JTA reports that: The Norwegian government’s child welfare adviser said Jews and Muslims would stop circumcising children if they learned more about the risks and pain involved in the procedure.

According to Anne Lindboe, “With good information about risk, pain and lack of health benefits of the intervention, I think parents from minorities would voluntarily abstain from circumcising children.”

Lindboe went on to suggest that circumcision was a form of child abuse and that in time, parents who continue performing the religious practice should be treated no differently than parents who violently beat their children.

I was happy to discover Anne Linboe had a Facebook page on which I just left the following message:

Ms. Linboe,

I was just reading an article in which you are quoted as suggesting that those  in the Muslim and Jewish communities who continue the practice of circumcising their sons are doing so out of ignorance of the pain and health hazards the procedure entails.

  1. How incredibly imperious of you to sit in judgement of the religious beliefs and traditions of others.

  2. How incredibly arrogant of you to assume that the billions of men who have been circumcised throughout history were scarred for life emotionally and incurred health problems as a result.  Oh really? Where’s the proof?

  3. How incredibly audacious of  you to suggest that this ritual, which is performed out of a loving desire for our sons to  fulfill a cherished tradition of our faith that binds them to the thousands of generations that preceded  them, is somehow comparable to child abuse!

  4. How incredibly pretentious of you to assume that you know better than the thousands of health professionals including the World Health Organization who actively promote circumcision as a means of reducing urinary track infections and the spread of STD’s.

Would you be so kind as to provide a mailing address so we know where to forward the “Most Arrogant Person in the World” award?     Sincerely, Mitchell S. Gilbert

I invite readers of Tent of Abraham who may share similar sentiments to share their thoughts with Ms. Linboe on her FB page: