The outrage du-jour of Birthers and Obamacare-haters is that many, possibly millions of Americans are receiving notifications from their health insurance companies that their policies do not meet minimum standards required by the Affordable Health Care Act.  The ‘Obama doesn’t even breath correctly’ crowd is in uproar because in trying to calm fears about health care reform, the President assured people that if they like their current health insurance, they will get to keep their health insurance.

Yes, the President misspoke.  What he should have said was, you will be able to keep your current health insurance policy if it is a genuine, quality policy that is NOT simply some convoluted crappy policy that provides little benefits for a schlock monthly premium.  Schlock health insurance would include policies with caps on benefits, complicated conditions for paying any benefits including covering any treatment related to pre-existing conditions.

The whole point of the Affordable Health Care Act is it create viable, affordable, quality health care for as many Americans as possible.  If you had a reliable, quality health insurance previously, you still have it!  If you had a crappy, discount policy that only provides limited coverage and benefits, e.g. if you got hurt by tornado on a Tuesday in January West of the Mississippi before 4 PM and you are under 30 years old,  yes, that joke you were pissing away money on each month is being canceled.

I know, you Bible belching, gun-toting libertarians who have little or no sense of community or collective responsibility for anyone else on Earth will never accept the right of the government to stop you from being a fool. And of course you do know the Constitution better than that Kenyan, socialist, Nazi, colored law professor in the White (Man’s) House

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABut guess what? In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!  You are not all that smart and the government has both the right and the responsibility to protect all its citizens from the poor choices made by some of its citizens.