I’m neither a communist or a socialist.  That said, any reasonable, educated, compassionate American viewing this video has to concur, the American Dream of equal opportunity for all is now a fallacy.  The United States of America is not an open, free, capitalist democracy but an oligarchy: most of our wealth and as a result, much of the power in this country is controlled by 1% of the population.  Not only does this video make a mockery of “trickle down” Republican economic theory, it suggests that our belief in democracy and the free-enterprise system is in many ways, a fantasy.

With all do respect, if you watch this video and are skeptical of the information on which it is based, I’ll bet  you are:

  1. either a member of the 1% who knows how damning these facts are to you and your interests

  2. you are incredibly naive person who needs to believe that he/she actually has chance to join the ranks of the wealthiest Americans

  3. your laudable love for our country is blinding you to some very painful facts that suggest that the greatest nation on Earth is seriously ill and needs to change course before it’s too late

Socialism is certainly not the answer.  But neither is a free, unfettered, unregulated open market where 1% get to own most of our resources and collect almost half our national income.  This beloved country of ours is one sick baby that is not going to get better by prayer, hope or the repetition of platitudes about America and Americans being smarter and better than the rest of the world. That won’t work anymore!

Are you going to be part of the solution and  help heal our nation by supporting people more interested in the welfare and well-being of all Americans?  Or are you going to be part of the problem and support the right of the 1% to own and run the America we love into the ground?