healthcare facts.001

Most American’s who believe that Obamacare is a mega step towards socialized medicine in this country:

  1. Don’t really know what the word “socialized” means.

  2. Don’t want to hear that in the US, we already spend more on health care per-person than those countries that have universal health care.

  3. While totally dependent on the government for countless services such as police, fire-protection, national defense, free public education, such people continue to believe the lie that the government can’t deliver any service in a responsible way. (Just mention taking away their SS or Medicare and see how they react to having their benefits cut.)

  4. Subscribe to the un-Godly, un-Christian, un-Jewish, immoral idea that “I am not my brother’s keeper” when it comes to government assistance especially if that brother or sister isn’t a member of my racial/religious/ethnic tribe. 

Tell me Republican, tea-party, authentic American patriots who think they know the Constitution better than that Kenyan Muslim in the White (Man’s) House, can you digest these facts without simply writing them off as liberal media BS ?