My gun my jock.001

Was anyone really surprised that George Zimmerman was arrested today for threatening his wife Shellie and punching his father in law in the face?

In the world Zimmerman travels in, using or threatening violence to “manage” the people you don’t like or have disagreements with is standard operating procedure. All the people who supported Zimmerman during his murder trial understood that point better than all of us

George Zimmerman and his attorney.
George Zimmerman and his attorney.

who assumed that racism had more to do with his actions than his limited intellectual and emotional capacity to deal with the real world.  Of course racism was the match that lit the fuse, but emotionally retarded adults who feel the need to carry a gun are struggling with dysfunctional issues in their personal development that are only mitigated by their racism.

Why are gun-toting conservatives in many states working night and day to pass laws that will make it possible for their kind carry concealed weapons? 

Guns serve the same purpose for many Americans that jock-straps do for athletes in contact sports. How many pro-football players take the field “unprotected?”

What Zimmerman did today is exactly the same thing he did to Trayvon Martin but in this instance, he gave his white father-in-law a break and only used his fist.

Sarah Silverman and some friends have a neat idea: Let’s create an NRA just for African-Americans.  Why would the other NRA possibly object?