Police Chief Mark Kessler
Police Chief Mark Kessler

There’s a cute meme format that’s been making the rounds on the internet for a few years.  The subject can be any profession, gender, religious faith, nationality, hobby or sexual orientation imaginable.  The meme usually announces the pronoun under discussion and includes a few funny pictures with captions that read something along the lines of: what my friends think I do; what my Mom thinks I do; what the general public thinks I do; what I actually do.

I couldn’t think of a better way of introducing this frightening, disgusting video starring Mark Kessler, Chief of Police in the Borough of Gilberton, Pennsylvania.

I know this description isn’t 100% fair or accurate, BUT,  when I think of:

  1. Tea-party patriots who think that their brand of politic is more in line with the Constitution than any other points of view

  2. People who feel vulnerable without a gun

  3. People who have no problem with the government requiring everyone to register their cars and possess a driver’s license but don’t want the government regulating gun ownership in any way

  4. Americans who aren’t rich but always vote Republican because of social issues or subtle appeals to racism, anti-immigrant sentiments or whatever the boogey man du jour happens to be (gays, atheists, scientists, liberals, big government, people who murder the “unborn,” etc).

  5. People who go to church on Sunday but hate or mistrust anyone who is not a member of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc. on Monday

  6. The target audience of Fox Noise

  7. The people who have made asinine blowhards like Rush Limbaugh multi-millionaires

  8. The people responsible for electing ineffectual, dangerous, populist demagogues to political office

  9. The reason America is falling behind every other western nation in education

  10. People who doubt that climate change is real

  11. The people who either reject evolution outright or believe that public schools should promote the Biblical narrative along with teaching science 

  12. The reason the richest, most medically advanced nation on Earth still doesn’t have universal health care

  13. The people who suggest to the world that all American’s are boorish, gun toting, reactionary, bigoted baffoons

  14. The reason dozens of Americans die every week from gun violence and we can’t do anything about it

I see this guy.

(WARNING: Foul language)