death awaits in the SPRMRKT.001

Granted, his all-protein diet probably wasn’t the healthiest idea he came up with, but long before it became fashionable, Robert Atkins, MD told the world that our obesity was caused by two things, sugar and highly processed, nutritionally useless grain products.  Scientists have now added to that list of deadly food products, processed foods.

In spite of all the health risks incurred by consuming large quantities of artificial sugar substitutes, many doctors have concluded that obesity is even a greater threat to our health than saccharin and aspartame.  E.G. Last fall I started working as a volunteer in the ER of a local children’s hospital.   Among the many tasks I have is offering all those tired, nervous parents refreshments.  Would you believe that this hospital will not sell or serve diet soda to anyone?  No regular Coke or Pepsi in their vending machines.  If a parent objects to my offering diet soda, I may offer them pure orange juice, coffee or tea without sugar.

Many if not most of our fellow citizens are desperately in need of re-education about what constitutes dangerous and healthy food in our American diet.

REALITY CHECK: The people manufacturing and selling us our food aren’t in it the business to do good deeds.  They want to make $$.  So if we are willing to buy and eat unhealthy food, they’re very happy to make it and sell it to us.  Or to put succinctly:  Food manufacturers and our local supermarkets are slowly killing us.