Lieutenant General David Morrison
Lieutenant General David Morrison

In a 3 minute message to members of Australia’s military, Lieutenant General David Morrison, expressed the kind of moral and ethical leadership we have yet to hear from non-civilian leadership in America’s military establishment. In no uncertain terms Morrison makes it quite clear that:

  • women are considered not only equal to men in the military, but are highly valued and appreciated

  • sexual harassment of any kind brings shame to the military and is contrary to their mission

  • soldiers who need to humiliate others have a serious problem that is incompatible with being in the military

  • men who mistreat women are not welcome in the Australian military and should GET OUT!

Not only am I skeptical that among America’s top brass we don’t have anyone capable of giving such a speech, but I have no doubt that if one did, he would be subject to profound mocking and criticism from his peers and many socially conservative Americans who everyday remind us with stupid comments about: women asking for it; not getting pregnant from rape; women should not be serving with young men with raging hormones, simply don’t get it.