I’m sure that if I were a Catholic I would pleased with the news that Gordon Gee is stepping down as President of Ohio State University.  But I’m not a Catholic.  In fact, I can’t think of gordongeefaith community in the world today that I am more leery of than the Roman Catholic Church.  For that matter, I can’t think of religion in this world at the moment that I profoundly believe is unintentionally doing more harm than good.

I’m sorry Gordon Gee has to step down because he was a highly successful, effectual leader of this country’s largest public university. 

And I’m really sorry that he has to step down because he made inappropriate comments about such arrogant, destructive, deleterious religious cult that is run by clerics who are more inclined to:

  • Hide pedophile priests than protect the jobs of highly successful teachers in their schools because of who those teachers choose to love in their private lives.  (Remind me again, Jesus was opposed to love?  Oh yea, now I remember, Jesus left it to a bunch of misogynist men drunk with power to declare his ‘true’ message to the world according to their interests.)

  • Direct their vast financial and political power to highly destructive, divisive political campaigns against the reproductive rights of women and the civil liberties of LGBT people.

  • Insist that books that were written by HUMAN BEINGS 2,000 years ago cannot be subject to the kind of honest intellectual study that might promote more relevant interpretations of ideas and values that might stand the test of time if the Catholic clergy weren’t so afraid of change and possibly having to share power with women, learned lay-people and Catholics who won’t be loyal members of an old-boys networks that protects its own regardless of their sins.

  • Many in the church’s hierarchy seem more inclined to viciously criticize and condemn elected world leaders who are more committed to serving the collective interests of all citizens rather than legislate Catholic religious doctrine that coincidently, most Catholics don’t follow any longer.

No Dr. Gee, it’s not polite to point out that someone needs a bath or that their cooking is awful, their taste in clothing horrendous, or, that their not quite as holy and noble they would like to believe.