One of the many vendors selling “targets” at the NRA convention in Houston. According to “Buzz-Feed,” this vendor removed a statue-like target of President Obama at the request of NRA leadership. Of course the Obama target remained for sale, it just wasn’t displayed openly.

So exactly who is “them?”  You have to admit, the NRA and the Republican Party share a lot in common.  Both entities are all about rich capitalists scaring and using unsophisticated people to help them make more money.  The Republican Party is all about corporate American and the 1% trying to put limits on government regulations and taxes.  So the 1% and corporate America use cynicism, fear, bigotry and the worst of the worst forms of demagoguery to help them elect legislators who will serve their interests.  (Don’t believe me, watch Fox Noise for an hour.)

The NRA is owned and paid for by the gun industry that about as aware of and sensitive to ethics, morality and social responsibility as the worst convicts in American jails. The NRA membership are frightened, simple folks who believe and are constantly be reminded by wind-bag Wayne LaPierre that there is a very real enemy out there that, wants to take away their guns so they can rape their women, steal their property and intern the ‘real’ Americans who understand that true freedom is all about owning a gun.  

Who is the “them” that Republicans and the NRA want you to fear?  Check out some of the pictures and gun targets being sold at the NRA convention in Houston this week and you decide.  African-Americans? President Obama? Women? Any people of color?  Zombie-communist-socialists preparing to take over America?