You Provoke Me

I love this picture: it definitively expresses the frustration so many of us experience daily upon hearing supposedly intelligent-educated people say remarkably stupid things.

Based on recent events, I want to make similar signs and put them in the faces of the following:

I.  Every idiot who is directly or indirectly blaming the Boston tragedy on President Obama, e.g. Senator Lindsay Graham. South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on State of the Union

II.  Bishop Watterson High School, the Catholic school here in Columbus, OH for firing a popular teacher after 19 years because an obituary for her mother made mention of her long-term-loving life partner who happens to be another woman.  Do you really need any further evidence that Catholic Church is no more qualified to teach the world about compassion and justice than the groundhog is qualified to predict the weather? Firing an employee who has done exemplary work after so many years because of who she loves in her private life is a sad commentary on their character and values.


III. Every Republican who has suggested in the past 30 days that global warming is a theory not a fact, e.g. Senator Jim Inhofe (R. OK).

IV.  Governor Rick Perry who has for years complained about big government, out of control spending in Washington and who now can’t seem squeeze enough $$ out of the Federal government for the catastrophe  in West, TX.  BTW, the people of the town of West definitely deserve all Washington can possibly give them, but Perry’s shameless double standard deserves public acknowledgment and ridicule.

V.  Every U.S. Senator who voted against new background checks for gun purchases.  We won’t forget you or Newtown, CT come the next election, count on it.

100106_peter_king_ap_218 VI.  Every politician and American who is saying in the wake of the tragedy in Boston  that the FBI should be following and spying on every Muslim in this country, e.g. surprise-surpirse, Peter King (R. NY) is once again peddling his cheap brand of Islamphobia.

 VII. Arkansas State Rep. Nate Bell (R) who tweeted during the manhunt for the Marathon nate-bell-sizedterrorists that “liberal” Boston residents likely wished for assault rifles and high-capacity magazines.  Don’t you love when dumb-ass  red necks speak up and remind the world why they are called dumb-ass red necks?

VIII.  Congressional Republican leadership who are reliably even less trustworthy with facts than Fox Noise.


IX.  Zubeidat Tsarnaev, mother of the two men responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing:  She continues to Zubeidat-Tsarnaev-jpgdeny her sons are guilty even though her surviving son has admitted responsibility.  SHE HERSELF JUMPED BAIL AND MOVED TO DAGESTAN IN 2012 RATHER THAN FACE FELONY CHARGES FOR SHOPLIFTING IN MASSACHUSETTS!

X.  Wayne LaPierre, the official wind-bag of the NRA.  This man should be hounded 24/7 by every reasonable, ethical, thinking gunmedia15n-1-webAmerican not financially living off the gun industry or living in fear of having their 2nd Amendment “penis extension”  taken away.