I’m often taken to task for suggesting in my commentaries that the politics of many reactionary-conservatives is in large measure based on personal prejudices.   I genuinely believe that many of the people who say they don’t want to pay taxes for bloated government programs are really saying, I don’t want my hard-earned dollars going to lazy non-whites who are more inclined to take public assistance than work  for a living. 

Educated-people who were following the populist rhetoric employed by many Republican candidates vying for their party’s Presidential nomination in 2012,  could easily identify words that were scripted to appeal to the  prejudices and xenophobia of many Americans.  The best example of that was the often repeated line:  “We need to take our country back!”  Oh really? Back from whom?

The video below was taken at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on March 15th.  Ironically, the racist statement recorded in this video was made in a break-out workshop entitled, “Are You Sick And Tired Of Being Called A Racist When You Know You’re Not One?”  A participant in the workshop, Scott Terry asks the moderator, K. Carl Smith of the Frederick Douglas Republican Club if he was “comfortable” with the races living separate but equal lives.  Smith proudly informs the assembled that Frederick Douglas wrote a letter to his slave masters forgiving them for all the horrible things they did to him.  Scott wonders aloud, forgive them, “for what?  For feeding and housing him?

Kudos to the racist participant who had the honesty to make a mockery of both the subject of the workshop and the group, “Frederick Douglas Republicans.” 

…..And please don’t insult my intelligence by suggesting the person making the racist comment in the video is the exception and not the rule.   The Republican Party isn’t losing popularity and elections because of its inclination to show respect for non-whites and welcome immigrants to this country.