Hatch on Capital Punishment

If like Senator Orrin Hatch, you too believe that capital punishment is a means by which society sanctifies life, one or more of the following statements probably apply to you:

  • You are someone who claims to be religious but missed the whole point of God and faith

  • You are someone who believes that might makes right

  • You claim to believe in equality but deep down you are quite sure that some people (e.g. your kind)  are more equal than others.

  • You are someone who kills animals for sport, not out of necessity

  • You are someone who probably owns one or more guns and believes that without your guns and ammunition, you and your family are in mortal danger

  • You cannot distinguish between ‘revenge’ and ‘justice’

  • You are someone who believes that social harmony and peace in the world will only be achieved by “the good guys” using violence to exterminate the bad guys

  • You believe that being a considerate, compassionate person who is committed to the well-being of others is noble but not a requirement for being a member of your religion or being a good citizen

  • You are a Republican