When we come across hateful, immature comments like this from supposedly not insignificant people  in the Republican Party, one can’t help but wonder why the so called “moderates” who don’t hate minorities and gays can stay affiliated with a political party that most definitely is today synonymous with hate and stupidity.   We still want to believe that David Brooks’ and George Will’s of the conservative Republican world are not all that unusual.  Sadly, it’s becoming more difficult with the passage of time to believe anything else.

Reprinted from Mediaite.com

Andrew Kirell | 12:44 pm, February 4th, 2013

During last night’s Super Bowl, former South Carolina GOP executive director Todd Kincannon sent out a flurry of racially-charged tweets, stirring controversy among social media users.

Kincannon’s tweets largely involved “jokes” about Trayvon Martin, dick-sucking, Hurricane Katrina, and black people.

To wit:

After receiving much criticism for his Trayvon Martin remark, Kincannon dug in deeper, thrice more invoking the shooting victim’s name as a punchline:

And, given the mid-game blackout, Kincannon took the opportunity to make a “joke” about the arena and its use as shelter for the “poors” among New Orleans’ majority black population during Hurricane Katrina:

The tweets sent off a flurry of negative responses, which was met with the legal analyst doubling down on his remarks, laughing off criticism, and re-tweeting dozens of supportive responses.

Just in case you are under the delusion that when it comes to political-correctness and diplomacy, big time elected Republicans in the Senate know better, consider this:

Twitter users accused McCain of racism for comparing the Iranian leader to a primate, and so the senator took to Twitter again to defend himself: