CM Capture 1

Yes, Barack Obama gave a wonderful speech at his second inauguration. He offered the nation an agenda for the next 4 years that was relevant and courageous.  Unlike 4 years earlier, President Obama wasn’t trying to be the great conciliator trying to offer all Americans a little something.  No, this time our 44th President opted to present himself as a great leader, who is now prepared to pursue an agenda that isn’t about coalition building, but is shaped by sophisticated values that promote equality, shared responsibility and compassionate concern for ALL Americans.

But the moment from the 2nd inauguration that I will take with me forever, was when the President of the United States stopped his entourage as it entered the Capital Building so he could, in his own words, view a site he knows he will never see again.  That brief gesture was an incredible affirmation of:

  • What a genuine, sincere person he really, really is

  • How much he genuinely loves the people he is leading 

  • His respect for history and the chapters of future books that he knows he is now shaping

  • How much he respects his office and the responsibilities that come with it

With a simple gesture, Barack Obama confirmed what so many of us have long suspected: He’s the real deal.  No hidden agendas; no pretentiousness.   He’s simply a brilliant man with a compassionate soul who wants to make our nation and the world a better place.

Thank you President Obama for returning dignity, decency, common sense and human values to the White House.