David BrooksAfter seeing the video below, I sent renown New York Times columnist and conservative commentator David Brooks the following email.

I’m a big fan of yours David Brooks! I think you are one of the smartest columnists and political pundits in America today and even though I tend to be more progressive in thinking, I believe that there is always much I can learn from your always insightful and informative writings.  But your suggestion on Meet the Press today that President Obama behaves like a “visitor from a morally superior civilization” was beneath you!

Such reasoning falls in line with the most extreme right-wing Republican elements of this country who have suggested since President Obama’s election 4 years ago, he not a “real” American and has no legal right to be our President.  “Take our country back” blather is something I never expected to hear from the likes of you.  A high-brow intellectual columnist deriding a brilliant, high brow President?  WTF? I expect such anti-intellectual rubbish from boorish low-brow populists from the hinterlands, not one of the all too few intellectual minds on the political right!

I’m  disappointed in you and myself for believing until today you were beyond such divisive, cheap shots.  And for the record, I don’t believe there is anything America’s first President of color,  Barack Hussein Obama, can or could say to win the trust any Republicans.

Mitchell S. Gilbert,

Columbus Ohio

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