Yaakov Litzman, Israel’s Deputy Minister of Health

Looking at Yaakov Litzman, a Ger Hasidic Jew, would you expect to hear that under his watch as Deputy Minister of Health for the State of Israel, the Jewish State now has some of the most liberal policies in the world when it comes medical applications of cannabis?   Or that Litzman’s Ministry  has ordered hospitals in Israel to make it easier for teenage girls to get abortions? Can you imagine a rigidly Orthodox Jew sanctioning the creation of a video to promote the use of condoms that ostensibly says, “go ahead, have sex, just use a condom!”??

Read more about Yaakov Litzman in Haaretz.  But first, check out the clever video about AIDS, sex and condoms that his ministry produced.  It’s gone viral among Israelis.  Also below is a fascinating video we discovered on YouTube about Israel’s Health Ministry and their research in the medical uses of cannabis.