People familiar with the depth and breath of cultural anti-Semitism in many Muslim countries would not be surprised to learn that a news or entertainment outlet in a predominately Islamic country had intentionally edited a video to make Jewish people in general and Israel in particular, look inherently evil.  In fact, this past July, Tent of Abraham did a story about a TV talk show and Egypt that thought their viewers would get out chuckle out of watch some popular Egyptian celebrities being fooled into thinking that they were actually appearing on an Israel show. The vulgar expressions of overt anti-Semitism offered a very sad, disquieting  look at the profound level of hate too many Egyptians have for Jews.

Regrettably, in recent days, a TV show in the Netherlands decided that popular anti-Semitism gave them carte blanche to intentionally edit a video of a joint news conference Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had last week with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.   In the edited version, Netanyahu is seen and heard telling Clinton:

“We are not at all concerned about civilian casualties.   We are conducting surgical operations against schools, mosques, hospitals, children.  We are trying to maximize civilian casualties...”

If prostitution is the oldest profession in the civilized history, anti-Semitism remains the oldest and one of the most formidable social diseases.  To those who might ask, how can such a civilized western country as the Netherlands tolerate such shameless acts of hate billed as “entertainment?” We reply: How did it come to be that one of most civilized, cultured, technologically advanced western nations of Europe found the will and the means to set-up the infrastructure needed to resolve the “Jewish problem” once and for all?