Simple-minded religious conservatives have such a difficult time grasping the idea that homosexuality is actually a normal variant of the human condition that they can’t resist fabricating science-fiction type explanations for its existence.  The irony of such delusional reasoning is that these boorish, intolerant, cynical holy roller types are more times than not, selling a brand of religion that is actually contrary to the essential teachings of all faiths.

Back in March, we wrote a column about our favorite proponent of the “God is just another cheap magic act” brand of religion, Pat Robertson, who told his incredibly classy, sophisticated TV devotees that homosexuality was the result of demonic possession.  I offered to give ol’Pat a chance to exorcise that nasty gay-demon out of me on national TV.

Still waiting to hear from you Rev. Pat!  Just give me ring and I’ll sing and dance my way to Straightsville!

The video below is both funny and incredibly sad.

It’s funny to see a quack who might actually believe his own bullshit and think that he has the magical powers to manipulate demons. Truth be told, I’m willing to bet $10,000 of Mitt Romney’s money that this snake oil salesman doesn’t really believe what he’s selling either.  But like any sleaze-bag will tell you off the cuff, it’s a living.

The video is incredibly sad because a homosexual person who has been culturally programmed to believe that his sexual orientation is evil, is submitting himself to this pagan ritual that makes animal sacrifices look reasonable.  And no, tolerance for gay people is not the cause of natural disasters.  But ignorance and fear is the cause of countless wars and civil unrest.

Watch “Rev.” Bob Larson try to exorcise the gay demon out of a man.