Paparazzi hiding under my desk caught this photo of me moments after I realized that Fox, Romney and the Republicans had been telling the truth all along.


I admit it, I have been wrong about President Barack Hussein Obama.  Since the last Presidential campaign, I have tried to defend this man with all my heart and soul.  I believed in him, his political agenda and the values he has so passionately stood for.  At the same time,  I found myself experiencing some of the most painful and profound cognitive dissonance any human being could have as I listened to the President’s countless critics and detractors suggest:  he wasn’t born in America; he converted Islam as a child in Indonesia; his patriotism and pro-Israel politics are all a clever charade to his up his Muslim-extremist agenda ; he is socialist fascist, he is a closet homosexual committed to destroying the moral fabric of this country, etc.

How could people not see this great man the way I did?  How could they not respect his humanity? Why were so many reasonable people telling all those horrendous lies about him?

In watching the Presidential debates, I found myself wondering aloud how an educated, highly respected man like Mitt Romney could twist the facts and tell so many overt lies to advance his candidacy?  Does he have no shame? Doesn’t the truth mean anything to him?  Doesn’t his Mormon faith demand honesty?

Then, today, I saw this video.  May God and humanity forgive me.  This video makes it abundantly clear; Republican-Fox-Conservative reasoning is not opinion, it is fact!  They were telling the truth.

Barack Hussein Obama is probably the love child of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.  He was born in Kenya after all!


How could I be so wrong?  I will never trust my cognitive faculties again!