Morton Klein, left, chats up a storm with two of the all too few people in American public life whom he believes really “get it.”  Are these two people valid character references for Mort Klein?  YOU BETCHA!!!

Like most authentic, self-respecting Zionists, we were shocked to learn that the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) has lost its tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.   In the same highly credible, professional and responsible way that ZOA President Mort Klein has built his reputation and organization, we would like enlighten the public as to the truth behind this travesty of justice.

We are almost sure that the two IRS agents responsible for ZOA losing its non-profit status are hiding behind Keffiyehs in this photo.

We’ve identified two IRS agents who were responsible for recommending the withdrawal of ZOA’s non-profit status. For our own security, we won’t identify them by name but we will share with our readers the unquestionable facts about these two people.  One of the two, is known to his supervisors and colleagues by a name that suggests that he is of Anglo-American descent.  In fact, this IRS agent, 3-4 times each week can be seen dining at a Middle Eastern restaurant near his office.  And as we all know, such establishments are more times than not just  fronts for radical Muslim organizations intent on destroying Israel’s best friend, America.  In fact, within earshot of other customers, said IRS agent always greets the matre-di  with, salam alaikum!  Still wondering which side he’s on and who he is really loyal too?

The other IRS agent who participated the ersatz review of ZOA, actually has a name that suggests that she is of Jewish descent .  But a closer look at her lifestyle, personal history and associations make her real loyalties obvious.  Said person with a Jewish name in fact belongs to a LGBT synagogue; has a Pakistani female “roommate,” not to mention a third cousin who is a member of that pro-Hamas organization known in this country as “J-Street.”

It should be quite obvious to real Zionists who care about  truth and justice that the facts outlined above make it abundantly clear that ZOA is the victim of a covert Muslim-radical-terrorist plot to delegitimize the only Jewish-Zionist organization in the world that can be relied upon to tell the  truth about who can and who cannot be trusted when it comes to the Middle East conflict.

BTW, those of you readers who might still harbor some doubts about the facts outlined above, please be advised that

Gerado Joffe wishes he could say that “some of his best friends are Muslims,” but why would he associate with anyone who is a murdering, Jew-hating terrorist?

before publishing this  account we asked one of the most highly regarded, totally objective Middle East historians and  world renown crusaders for human rights, Gerado Joffe of San Francisco to fact-check our research.  Mr. Joffe’s not only validated our story, but expressed the wish that he himself had penned such odious accusations about enemies of Israel.  In addition, Mr. Joffe noted that one of the IRS agents in question is known to have met on more than one occasion with one of the most notorious al Qaeda operatives in this country.   Most Americans according Mr. Joffe, know that operative as, Barack Obama.