How does one begin to describe one of the most sleazy, despicable, dishonest, bigoted men in America to ever wear a badge?  Sheriff Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County, Arizona, is one of the very few conservative Italian Catholics in American public life today who can make Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey seem like a sedate, reasonable person; or makes Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, come off as enlightened, thoughtful, open-minded intellectual.

We really shouldn’t be surprised that the Massachusetts born Arpaio would find his way to a law enforcement career in a state that will never, ever in our lifetimes be known as a bastion of legality, ethical government, respect and tolerance for diversity.

Since first taking office in 1992, Arpaio has been accused by reasonable entities including the U.S. Department of Justice with:

  • Keeping inmates in unconstitutional jail conditions

  • Refusing to cooperate with the Federal government on legal cases or investigations regarding civil rights violations in his county

  • Of encouraging his deputies to engage in racial profiling at all times. As such, law-abiding Latinos and African-Americans avoid Maricopa County if they can

  • Detaining suspected illegal immigrants for extended periods of time without evidence

  • Refusing to cooperate with grand jury investigations into allegations that he and staff continually abuse prisoners.  Refusing to cooperate with county and state agencies charged with investigating him and his deputies for malfeasance.  Refusing to cooperate with investigations instigated by charges that he chronically harasses and threatens  judges and other government officials who publicly criticize or challenge him.  Refusing to cooperate with the FBI in any of their investigations of his office or criminal activities in his jurisdiction.

  • Arpaio is accused of misusing and mingling sheriff office’s monies and campaign funds for personal use

No one is of course surprised that this less than ethical gumba-goofball, playing sheriff in the American West is really pissed-off that the U.S. Justice Department, which takes orders from two African-Americans, the President and Attorney General, should dare to investigate his countless violations of local, state and Federal statutes.  So, what’s a nasty unscrupulous loud mouth bigoted Sheriff to do when he knows he’s in legal poo-poo?  Arpaio joined all the other bigoted idiots in this country who can’t accept that we elected a President of African-American descent and is now officially claiming that Barack Obama’s birth certificate is forgery; ergo, the President of the United States is not a citizen.

Now we ask you, who wouldn’t believe the validity of an investigation conducted by Sheriff Joe Arpaio?