The big question that thinking Americans should be asking apropos the Republican House’s efforts to hold Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. in contempt of Congress is whether or not all this is a lot of political theater intended to embarrass the Obama administration in an election year, or, has Holder really refused to provide Congress with the documents it needs to understand how the botched gun trafficking effort known as Fast and Furious played out.

As usual, the New York Times provided us with the answers.  In yesterday’s edition, reporter Charlie Savage tells us that Holder has in fact provided Darrel Issa’s House Oversight and Reform Committee with thousands of documents.  But none of those documents gave Issa the kind of ammunition he needs to destroy Holder’s career and embarrass the President.  What I’m surprised the rest of the media has not as yet picked up and made an issue, is the following fact provided in Savage’s front page story:

“On Tuesday evening, Mr. Holder offered to give the committee some of the disputed documents if Mr. Issa would agree to end the fight over contempt, but the lawmaker refused to consider doing so until he saw them.

How’s that?  Holder offered Issa some of the documents he is demanding but he declined to accept them until he read them?  Back to key question of: Is the Attorney General really withholding vital information from Issa or is this just political theater?

This is exactly the kind of nonsense that makes political hacks like Darrell Issa and his fellow Republicans look like  contemptible scoundrels.  Republicans on the Hill have done everything they can to grid-lock the workings of government; sabotage the economic recovery and “make sure that President Obama has only one term in office.”

Maybe I’m incredibly naive, but I can’t imagine how any intellectually honest citizen of the United States can identify with and support such a contemptible, dangerous ‘fifth column‘ as the GOP has become during the Obama administration.  Ironically, to be a true American patriot these days, one must challenge and stand in opposition to the very party that has long claimed to be the party of true American patriots.

Of course, if you are one of those conservatives who can’t handle facts that challenge what you need to believe, you will respond that what the NY Times reported is just a fabrication of the liberal media.  So please, do continue to watch Fox Noise and become dumber and more brainwashed to serve the political agenda of Rupert Murdoch and his other rich buddies who will do anything and spend whatever is necessary to continue manipulating and using you to advance their agenda.