Republicans and tea-party blowhards would like you to believe that you are over taxed by a government bureaucracy run a muck that serves no purpose other than perpetuating itself. This strategy is nothing less than basic demagoguery  that completely evades fundamental questions and issues related to how we define the role of government and what kind of vision we have for our country’s future.

Just yesterday, Mitt Romney told a cheering crowd of supporters that by suggesting that America needs more job-programs to hire more teachers, police and firefighters, President Obama clearly did not get the message sent from Wisconsin: “American’s don’t want anymore teachers, police or firefighters.”

Oh really?  So Americans want to live in a dangerous country where criminals have the upper hand and our children are not educated?

Don’t let the anti-tax, anti-government rhetoric hide the true implications of the Republican agenda.  Let’s start talking about the consequences of living a country where its every person for himself and there is no sense of community and collective responsibility for the common good.