Romney “advisor” and former Minnesota Republican Governor Norm Coleman addresses Jewish Republicans at Congregation Sons of Israel in Manalapan, NJ

Former Republican Governor of Minnesota, Norm Coleman who is himself Jewish, couldn’t resist offering some snide, sarcastic remarks about Jews while out campaigning for Mitt Romney in New Jersey.  In addressing a chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition, Coleman engaged in the now standard scare tactic of suggesting that President Obama was not genuinely committed to Israel and that in fact, Israel’s security would be endangered by the President’s re-election.

Apparently, in the world of conservative Republicans, anyone who has anything tolerant to say about Muslims and Arabs must automatically hate Jews in Israel. Otherwise, those who question the President’s support for the Jewish state really have no facts to back up their claims.  The fact that President Obama has increased financial and military aid to Israel; blocked the Palestinian efforts to have the UN unilaterally recognize a Palestinian state and stood up to Iran, are facts they would prefer Jewish voters not remember.   But then again, what do facts ever have to do with Republican rhetoric and scare tactics?

In commenting about the proclivity of American Jews to be committed to social justice, Coleman suggested:

‘Unfortunately, too many Jews assume that when Moses came down he was carrying two tablets. One said abortion and the other gay rights.’

Is that right?   And I suppose that the Torah we attribute to Moses says that it’s OK: to abuse, mistreat and underpay workers; be indifferent to poor people; not provide health care to people who can’t pay for it; tell women they may not make any important decisions about their bodies;  underpay women for the same work they do as men; promote cultural intolerance for minorities and immigrants; deny civil liberties to LGBT people……………..”

In responding to Coleman’s cheap shot at Jewish voters, the National Jewish Democratic Council suggested that:  “Romney would also do well to make sure his advisers cease belittling the values shared by the sweeping majority of American Jews.”