The German shipyard which is building “Dolphin Class” submarines for Israel

Say what you will about Germany’s austerity demands on the numerous countries with their hands out for loans from Europe’s strongest economy, but Germany’s unflinching support for the State of Israel is as strong and generous as ever.  No doubt that when it comes to the Jewish State that was founded amid the proverbial embers of the Holocaust, Germany cannot and will not waver in doing all that it can protect and secure Israel’s survival.

The German news outlet Spiegel is reporting that contrary to previous denials, German military officials know that Israel is arming the Dolphin-Class submarines Germany has built for them with nuclear tipped missiles.  To date, Germany has already delivered 3 such submarines to Israel and 3 more are in the works.

When asked by Spiegel about the submarines carrying nuclear weapons, Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak would only say,”Germans should be proud that they have secured the existence of the state of Israel for many years (to come).”

Germany can never, ever erase its history.  But its history is clearly requiring it do all it can to perpetuate the survival of the people it once tried to destroy.