If Mitt Romney has done anything that has impressed this liberal Democrat, it was his appointment two weeks ago of Richard Grenell to be his spokesperson on foreign policy.  In picking Grenell, a well established expert on foreign policy who also happens to be gay, the likely Republican nominee made a powerful statement about how important sexual orientation is, or in this case is not, in judging the qualifications of person to do a job.

Yesterday, we learned that Romney has buckled to the hysterics of  social conservatives in the Republican Party who were outraged that any LGBT people would be appointed to a position of power of influence so true to form,  Romney kicked Grennell to the curb.

Anyone who has followed Romney’s political career to date is not at all surprised by his decision.  The values and convictions of the presumptive Republican Presidential nominee have always been determined by political expediency.  To put it more concisely, Mitt Romney is a political whore of the worst type;  his values, morals and ethics are always up for sale.

This story is a sad reflection on two things voters must consider in the upcoming election: the character of Mitt Romney and the values the Republican Party has come to stand for in 2012.   Do American’s really have a difficult choice to make this November?  Only if they don’t subscribe to any genuine values that guide their lives.

Below are 11 questions related to American politics and the choice before the voters.  How you answer these questions should definitively indicate how you must vote.

What are your core convictions as they relate to:

  1. The reproductive rights of women, e.g. abortion, birth control, etc.?
  2. The right of workers to organize?
  3. The role government has to play in protecting the civil rights and civil liberties of all of its citizens?
  4. Is the government needed to protect its citizens from both, external and internal threats to its citizens? Do we need government to protect the quality of our environment?  To protect consumers from dangerous foods and products?  Do we need government regulations and oversight of how factories, buildings, homes, oil pipelines and oil rigs are constructed?   Do you believe that the private sector can and should be trusted to police itself without any oversight?
  5. Is it the prerogative of the government to create laws that limit the opportunities of citizens to vote by creating unnecessary barriers to the voting booth?
  6. Do you believe that sexual orientation is a choice and as such, LGBT people pose a serious threat to our families and the social fabric of this country?
  7. Do you believe that religious doctrine and the Bible should be taught along with science and evolution in our public schools?
  8. Do you subscribe to the idea that our society should operate on the principle of “each person for him/herself?  So, if a person or a family falls on hard times, it’s not the collective responsibility of a community or the government to help them out?  Are you inclined to say to a person in need: “If you can’t take care of yourself, that’s your own fault.  You are not my responsibility.”   Are you prepared to let an injured child die because his/her family lacks health insurance?  Who is responsible for assisting and protecting the interests of people with physical and cognitive limitations?
  9. Do you believe that religious doctrine takes precedent over civil liberties?  So if my church doesn’t approve of a civil right the government has given to you,  I can insist that  the government defer to the teachings of my faith?  If the government doesn’t legislate my religious beliefs, I can accuse the government of “waging a war on my religious freedom?”
  10. Do you believe that every citizen should be allowed to own unlimited lethal weapons and take the law into his/her own hands when feeling threatened?
  11. What is your idea of the American Dream?  Do you believe in and appreciate words and values related to: community, sharing our mutual blessings and resources, looking-out for the less fortunate?  Do you believe that we as a society must insure that all of our children get a quality education?   Do you believe in equality between races, genders, ethnic,  religious groups and people of different sexual orientations?  Or, is do you believe the American dream is all about unfettered opportunity to acquire wealth?

Finally: Do you think this list of questions is naive and simplistic?  Are the choices you have to make this November really all that much more complicated than this?