Bloggers like yours truly and political pundits who work hard everyday to try and make sense of the state of American society and politics, often find ourselves in awe of the capacity of comics like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart to cut through the nonsense and cogently identify our country’s screwy values, hypocritical politicians and countless double-standards.

As terrific as the entire Real Time with Bill Maher show is, many of us look forward to the “New Rules” segment at the conclusion of the show during which Maher inevitably delivers some of his most  hysterical, controversial observations.  The New Rules segment on this past Friday’s (4/27/12) show certain did not disappoint.   Maher appropriately mocked the high priority the media and the American people give to tawdry sex scandals.  For example:

  • The media is treating the Secret Service prostitute scandal as more important, more newsworthy than any other story including the loss of human life
  • Inept, unsophisticated  politicians seem to always get away with saying stupid,  factually inaccurate things.  But their campaigns or careers only come to abrupt conclusion when their extra-marital sexual dalliances come to light
  • President Clinton got impeached for a blow-job.  But nothing happened to President Bush who took America to war base on a lie
  • John Edwards is on trial for misappropriating campaign contributions to cover up a sexual affair but by ruling that corporations have the same political rights as individual citizens and can make anonymous, unlimited financial contributions to political action committees, the Supreme Court has probably done more profound damage to the American political system than any horny corrupt politician ever could!