Flag of Malaysia

Upon learning that on March 30, the official “government sermon” delivered in mosques throughout the nation of Malaysia included references to the Jewish people that would have made Adolf Hitler proud, I penned the following letter to the Malaysian Embassy in Washington, D.C.  If you feel so inclined, I’m sure they would love to hear from you too!

The email address of the Malaysian Embassy: malwashdc@kln.gov.my

I just read an article that reported that an official government sermon delivered in mosques across Malaysia described the 14.5 million Jewish people in the world today as the “main enemy.”  The sermon, prepared and distributed by the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department and delivered on March 30, said that “Muslims must understand Jews are the main enemy to Muslims as proven by their egotistical behavior and murders performed by them.”

In just 48 hours, Jews the world over will celebrate the holiday of Passover that commemorates the liberation of the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt more than 3,000 years ago.  In the spirit of Passover, I would to respectfully suggest that in the year 2012, reading about a nation that still officially promotes prejudice against people because of their religion, race or nationality is indicative of a people that is enslaved by hate and stupidity.

Is there any chance your country will be able to someday declare itself free from the shackles that such provincial, ignorant thinking or should the rest of the world continue to view Malaysia as just another primitive third world tribe that is only posing as a modern state?


Mitchell S.  Gilbert
Columbus, Ohio USA