Time and again, Republican elected officials acting on behalf of their masters in industry, promote policies that will make more money for the 1%.  They like to tell the rest of us that the true secret to the 99% having  jobs and low prices is to make the rich, richer.  Their reasoning all too often smacks of nothing less than blackmail.

Yesterday, while appearing on CNN, the always effervescent Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R. KY) told Candy Crowley that gas price would come down if the government simply lower taxes on the oil companies.  Crowley asked McConnell if that was fair in light of the record profits the oil companies are making and the numerous subsidies and tax loopholes they already receive that cost the national treasury billions of dollars?

Like all good Republicans, McConnell was having none of that nonsense.  He quickly chided Crowley for using “Democratic talking points.”  When you raise facts with political conservatives you are automatically guilty of promoting a liberal agenda.  To hell with facts. Facts are so inconvenient.  “Please watch Fox Noise if you really want the truth.”

The irony of McConnell blatant lies and hypocrisy is that it is the Republicans who consistently demand that the government not interfere in the private sector and let the free market work out its own problems, e.g. the government should never have bailed out the auto industry.  But thinking  people know that gas prices are not high at the moment because of taxes on oil companies; gas prices are high because the ‘free’ world market has driven them higher.  But far be it for the Mitch McConnell’s of the world to ever speak the truth or miss an opportunity to promote the bottom line of the private sector.

Shame on Mitch McConnell for exclusively working on behalf of big business and not the people who sent him to Washington.  Shame on the people of Kentucky who keep re-electing him.