Sgt. Brandon Morgan greets his partner Dalan Wells.

One thing the media has discovered over the years is that nothing puts a smile on faces and attracts viewers like the emotional happy homecoming of a combat soldier with his family and significant other.  These days, the evening news shows seem to be showing more happy reunions than ever before.  There’s even a website exclusively dedicated to showing videos and pictures of happy reunions.

A pleasant surprise of the times is news that a picture of a gay Marine greeting his partner has gone viral.  Sgt. Brandon Morgan was recently reunited with his partner, Dalan Wells at a military base in Hawaii.  Their passionate encounter that was fortunately caught on camera and placed of the Facebook page, Gay Marines on Facebook.

In a matter of hours the picture went viral with well over 17,000 ‘likes,’ 3,000 ‘shares’ and almost 4,000 comments.  Not surprisingly, some of the comments are….shall we say a bit hostile and homophobic.  But most of the comments recognize the fact that our society has come so far in its acceptance of LGBT people that such a public expressions of affection between two members of the same gender is now considered by most as “kewl.”

Not surprisingly, Sgt. Morgan has responded to all hub-bub about the picture appropriately:

“I’m glad I can be an inspiration to someone. Thank you so very much for sharing my story. “To everyone who has responded in a positive way, my partner and I want to say thank you. … As for the haters, let em hate.”

Below is a seasons greeting video Sgt. Morgan made last December.   Now I ask you: Does he strike you as the kind of guy a homophobe would dare dis to his face?