In recent weeks, women across the State of Israel and in the City of Beit Shemesh in particular have been confronting religious fanatics who would prefer that they:

  • sit in the back of public buses
  • dress according to the most rigid-extreme standards of a tiny cult-like minority
  • never sing within earshot of a man
  • walk on different sides of the street from men

A couple of men probably didn’t realize just what a bomb they detonated in the culture war recently when they yelled, cursed and spit on an Orthodox 8 year old girl walking to school because her modest clothing wasn’t quite modest enough.

Last Friday morning, January 6th, some 250 women in Beit Shemesh decided to give the social Neanderthals “the bird,” in a very creative way. Women of all stripes and levels of dress and religiosity, danced their hearts out to Queen’s classic song, Don’t Stop Me Now.