The very un-Christian "holiday" card the Obama's sent out this year to family and friends.

Earlier this week, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and some of the other thoughtful, objective, intelligent pundits on Fox News who have so meritoriously dedicated their lives to objectively informing Americans of just the facts and news they need to know, appropriately took President Barack Obama to task for sending out a Christmas card this year that included a picture of the family dog, Bo, sitting in front of a fireplace.  No picture related to the sweet baby in the manger; no reference to the Christian Lord and Savior whose birth this sacred holiday is all about.

Today, Michelle Obama joined the President in a holiday video message in which the two extended their good wishes to the nation.  The first couple also expressed gratitude, respect and appreciation for America’s brave military personnel serving overseas.  They concluded the video by expressing the hope that Americans will remember their less fortunate neighbors in need at this time of year.  ONCE AGAIN, NO WORDS ABOUT JESUS!  What do our troops and the needy have to do with Christmas?

Obviously, this socialist, heathen, closet Muslim President just doesn’t get it!  Here’s the evil, diabolical video the WHITE House put out. Watch it with discretion!

By the way, here is a copy of the last Christmas card that real Christian President, George W. Bush sent out in 2008.  That was when on the WHITE House was still a pure and sacred place inhabited by REAL Americans.

…oy vey, such goyeshe mishagas I’m telling you!