Presidential Candidate Rick Perry

Just yesterday, we posted a link to a video that has now gone viral, which shows a little boy walking up to Presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann (R. MI).  The Congresswoman can see that the boy, Elijah, has something to say to her so she leans down and encourages him to speak.  Elijah gently and sweetly informs the social conservative that: “My mommy — Miss Bachmann, my mommy’s gay but she doesn’t need fixing.”

In the past week a number of social conservatives have accused of me in the comment-sections of some of my columns, of playing class warfare, inflaming the culture war and of being an “intellectual elitist.”  There is little doubt in my mind that there is a very real minority of socially and politically conservative Americans who believe two important facts about their way of life:

  1. Their beliefs and lifestyle are under attack by a wider world which inherently corrupt and godless.
  2. That their way of life is based on the teachings of God and the Bible; so naturally, attacking the outside world and defending their values is nothing less than a sacred-cause.

If history has taught us nothing else it is that such sacred causes being fought by groups who feel violated and threatened must be taken seriously if no other reason, than such people will do whatever is necessary to win the real or imagined war they believe they are fighting.

Proof of that kind of dangerous, righteous indignation is evidenced by the effort to deny women reproductive rights and the ongoing the ongoing efforts in conservative states to re-introduce prayer, religious teachings and limit the study of evolution and science in the public school system.

No demagogue, no candidate, no conservative pundit appears more willing to manipulate and enlist Christian conservatives in a holy war than Republican Presidential candidate, Rick Perry.  His new TV campaign commercial is nothing less than a deceitful, dangerous appeal at promoting social and religious intolerance.  Hopefully, most thinking-Americans will recognize this cheap attempt at social warfare for the very dangerous, self-serving, vile promotion of hate that it is.