Rush Limbaugh and Herman Cain have a lot in common:  Both, are charismatic men who have made their reputations on their ability to turn-a-phrase.  But Cain’s having to suspend his presidential campaign today, must have left Rush Limbaugh laughing.

Cain, obviously has some business savvy that helped him earn a few bucks and gave him some prestigious in the private sector.   Like Limbaugh, Cain discovered early on that he had a golden tongue.  And like Rush, Cain became intoxicated years ago by his ability to spew up cynical, trite phrase that quite  charmed and excited  simple Americans who threatened and disenfranchised by ever-more urban, cosmopolitan culture.

So Cain has enjoyed some remarkable success as just another angry, cynical, name-calling populist who eventually found himself with radio time and a newspaper column: the two essentials every populist demagogue must have to earn some $$ with their bombastic BS.    The more popular Cain became with reactionary conservatives, the more that popularity obviously went to his head.

What Rush Limbaugh knows that obviously that Herman Cain does not, is that being able to make snarly, sarcastic comments about liberals, women and the intellectual elite,  doesn’t mean you have you have smarts or CV to be a real an electable politician.

  • Just because the angry working class cheers your mean-spirited, humorous portrayals of intellectuals and other cultural icons they can’t relate too, doesn’t mean you are natural leader and statesman
  • Just because you can make eloquent grand cynical pronouncements about what’s wrong with the country, doesn’t mean you really have intellectual content,  a knowledgeable handle on world economics, foreign affairs, how the legislative process works, etc. etc.
  • Just because the ratings of your radio show are through the roof and conservative groups across the land are all clamoring for you to come and speak to the minions, doesn’t mean that all that dirty laundry you thought was safely put away in a closet, won’t come out when if run for high office.

Come Monday morning, Rush Limbaugh will return to his radio show from which he will make $400 million over the next 5 years, and Herman Cain will be looking at possibly a broken marriage and  millions in campaign bills.   Knowing full well that Cain was simply out of his league in making a run for President, Limbaugh will just the same,  join all the other conservative hot-heads in the country in accusing the liberal-media of bringing Herman Cain down.

We liberals can say whatever nasty things we want about Rush, but we have to give him credit for knowing that just because you are a successful, professional demagogue, doesn’t mean you have the intellectual capacity, leadership or character actually get elected and hold position of power and responsibility.  And that’s why Rush laughed today and why he will never put his money where his mouth is, and run for anything, not even dog-catcher.  The man is as useless and teats on bull when he’s not behind a radio-microphone and no one know that better than he does.