There’s a very simple formula for setting up a situation in which a person will be bullied by another:

  1. Find a person who is somehow different; someone who by reason of birth or personal preference, speaks, acts or dresses in such a way as to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Find a person with low self-esteem who can only feel validated as a human being by finding fault or humiliating a person who may be deemed as somehow “different.”
  3. Give the potential bully some power: physical might or legal authority to order others around.  He or she will use that power or authority to express righteous indignation and  loathing for the person deemed “different.”  If circumstances allow, the bully will go out of his way to humiliate his or her victim.

Below, is video of some Afghan policemen taking great pleasure in publicly humiliating a male transvestite.  The UK’s Daily Mail brought this story to the world’s attention.   Throughout the painful experience, we can hear the policemen laughing while the transvestite can be heard pleading for mercy and pointing out that he has committed no crime.

Unfortunately, it’s not criminal behavior that bullies like these concern themselves with, it’s all about degrading another person. 

After asking the man pointless questions about why he is dressed the way he is and making him take off all his clothing, both he and his male companion were arrested.   Fortunately for sadistic bullies like these cops, in this backward third-world Muslim country, cross-dressing and homosexuality are illegal.

With this story in mind, aren’t you thrilled to know that since we invaded Afghanistan in 2001, the United States of America has to date spent $1,284,906,678 taxpayer dollars to bring freedom and democracy to this wonderful corner of the world?