Janet Crouse, right, believes that a lesbian like Ellen DeGeneres should not be a spokesperson for the USA.

Some months ago, in a column entitled, It’s Not “Christianity” It’s Just Hate, we noted that a conservative Christian group in Minnesota was preventing a local school district from implementing any king of anti-bullying programs that might indirectly give homosexuality any kind of legitimacy.  We suggested in that column that groups promoting bigotry and violence against any group in society under the camouflage of “Christian values,” should be treated no differently than other hate groups like neo-Nazis, white-supremacists, the Klan, etc.

Janet Crouse, a spokeswoman for Concerned Women of America, reminded us last week that her organization is also just a front for promoting bigotry.  Following Secretary of State Clinton’s announcement that Ellen DeGeneres was going to be a special envoy for promoting HIV/AIDS awareness, Crouse pulled back her Klan hood far enough to tell the world that Clinton and the Obama administration were obviously supporting that notorious secret known only to good Christians like her,  “the gay agenda.”

Crouse went on to say that it was totally inappropriate for an out-of-the-closet lesbian to be a spokesperson for the United States.

Just yesterday, we learned that lawmakers in St. Petersburg, Russia, have approved of legislation that would ban gay pride parades and other LGBT events in that city.   Like the right-wing Christian groups in America, The Moscow Times reports that the St. Petersburg anti-gay bill equates homosexuality with crime and promoting pedophilia.

So what do American right-wing Christians groups who promote hate against LGBT people have in common with the St. Petersburg city leaders?  What was that descriptive phrase President Reagan liked to use when referring to the former Soviet Union?  Can you say, “EVIL EMPIRE?”

Gay Pride Marchers being hassled in St. Petersburg