Kasey Landrum, 16, was suspended earlier this week for putting on makeup at school, 10 minutes after the school day ended at 3 PM.  Kasey is an 11th grade student at Lexington High School in Henderson County, Tennessee.

Henderson High School Principal Steve Lindsey

This isn’t the first time that the Principal, Steve Lindsey has made an issue of Kasey’s wearing makeup.  When Kasey showed up a football game wearing makeup, he was asked to leave.  The strange part of this story is that according Kasey and other students at the high school, many students have dyed hair and one student who dresses as a punk-rocker and has a Mohawk haircut and wears makeup all the time.  What’s the difference?  Kasey is gay.

A friend of Kasey’s who stood up for him and suggested to the Lindsey that her friend was simply expressing himself, received a 1-day suspension. According to the school district’s superintendent, principals have the prerogative to determine what is appropriate dress and what is not.  Really?  Does it make sense to empower homophobic people like Steve Lindsey to make such a call?

What do you think of this principal’s actions? Share them below or with him directly, his email address is: lindseys2@k12tn.net

VIDEO  from WBBJ on this story.